Kitchen hand / Dishwasher Staff Needed

Hello there, we are looking for an experienced kitchen hand to join our restaurant located in Bankstown NSW. This job is for a casual position and the right applicants will receive a good amount of payment as the salary. You should be reliable, hardworking and helpful for the team. Applicants must be ready to work extra hours if required. You should be innovative and initiative while working.

Applicants must be responsible and give proper attention to details while working. You must wash dishes and keep the kitchen hygiene. Applicants able to perform multiple works will be considered quickly. You should prepare recommended food items and serve them properly. Applicants must know basic kitchen rules and have some skills to join here. You should be humble while receiving orders. Experience is highly preferred to join here.

Pay rate is based on per hour. If you believe that you meet all requirements set by employer, please contact employer directly via given email/contact number below. Please check the employer independently before providing any personal information until your are comfortable. Never pay any amount of money for promised job. Please do not provide and bank or credit card details while applying for the job, If you find any suspicious please contact us asap.

How to Apply: To apply for this position, Please text on 0452570149 for further procedures, thank you.

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