5 Cleaners Needed – Pay rate is $29 per hour

Hey there, we are looking for 5 cleaners to join our cleaning team located at Brisbane QLD, Australia. This job is for a full time position and the right applicants will receive $29 per hour. As we provide a good working environment you will be able to work with proper mind.

You should be reliable, hardworking and helpful for the team. Applicants must be ready to work extra hours if required. You should have proper knowledge about the cleaning equipment. Applicants are required to keep the working spot neat and hygiene. You should be able to maintain positive attitude and unity among team mates. Applicants must be physically fit to be energetic and active while working. You should give proper attention to details and be responsible while working. Applicants must behave politely while dealing with the clients. Experience is not required to join here.

Pay is based on hourly rate. If you are interested you can contact in following details to apply for this job. Please review all application instructions before applying this job.

How to Apply : Please call on 0414 197 589 for more details, thank you.

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